The Aerial Experience

The Aerial Experience

There’s nothing Brad and I love more than following unique design on social media.  After months of cyber stalking Aerial Development Group, a developer & home builder out of Nashville, Tennessee – we decided it was time to see their work in person!

Two flights, one 5 hour car ride, and a few stops along the way for some Mexican food and we had arrived in the booming city of Nashville, Tennessee.  We were greeted by two of Aerial’s staff, Kali and Morgan who toured us around for the entire afternoon to ensure we had the whole “Aerial Experience.”

There’s a few things you have to know about Aerial Development Group to truly appreciate the work they do:

  1. Aerial builds communities, not just houses! By working with neighborhood and community leaders, Aerial creates entire neighborhoods that encourage a healthier and more active lifestyle.  By incorporating running trails, outdoor gyms, and connections to parks and greenways, Aerial creates the lifestyle that so many people are yearning for.


2.  Aerial has design like no one else! Do you love vintage, rustic and modern?  Somehow and someway, Aerial has found a way to incorporate all three into each and every house they design and build.  By incorporating antique doors and details, along with modern features like a rooftop deck – Aerial has truly hit the mark!

3. Aerial runs their business for a greater cause.  A percentage of their profits go straight to support orphans in Africa and organizations in their local community.  The Aerial family doesn’t  just give money, they give their time!  This is something Brad and I truly value…it’s the people who are willing to jump in and get their hands dirty that can really make a difference in our world.

Here’s some photos of Aerial’s work to drool over 🙂

We can’t thank the Aerial Team enough for their hospitality during our visit.  They welcomed their “cyber stalkers” into their office and homes (literally, we went into Kali and Britnie’s (Aerial’s Founder) homes).  If you don’t follow Aerial’s projects yet, please make sure to check them out!

Instagram:  @aerialdevelopmentgroup

Facebook:  @aerialdevelopmentgroup

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