Be Confident Before You Renovate

It’s been a busy month working on our newest service, Design For Your DIY. As I’ve been creating and designing these spaces, I’ve found even more joy in the process than I expected.

What makes this service so fulfilling for me is the peace of mind it brings to clients who are diving headfirst into their renovations.

I remember the days before I broke into the design world, when I would ponder what to do in a space and then stress about whether it would look alright in the end. Add on the stress of knowing funds weren’t always available to “redo” a renovation or make a purchase twice.

If you can relate to this experience, then you’ll understand the satisfaction that comes with helping clients feel confident in their design choices.

Before I go off on a tangent, I want to share some Aha moments I’ve had so far:

When I started offering this design service, the first two clients had a clear idea of what they wanted: to paint their existing wood cabinets white.

Using their Pinterest inspiration and my own design skills, I rendered their oak kitchens into the white kitchens of their dreams. But when they saw the designs, they realized that they missed the wood!

This experience highlighted the importance of having the ability to see options and feel confident about your selections.

After some discussion, the clients and I created a new game plan that kept some of the wood while changing up other elements. With this new plan, we were able to finalize a design that they were 100% happy with.

A side bonus was that keeping more of the wood as-is also saved them money!

Here’s a BTS peak from one of the stories above 🙂

Be confident before you renovate. Kitchen needing an update
Current Kitchen
First Rendering with white kitchen and wood floors.
First Rendering
Final Rendering with wood kitchen cabinets and Luxury Vinyl Floors
Final Rendering
Here’s what our clients are saying…

“Oh my goodness Kaitlyn!!! I LOVE these spaces! I’m so excited to start purchasing pieces and finishing projects as we can afford them. It makes me more excited and reduces stress now that there is a clear vision. “

“Hey Kaitlyn, we got the rendering and love it! I seriously can’t believe how easy you made this for us. We can’t wait to get started on our reno now that we know it will look fantastic in the end.”

Below are a few more before and after photos for you to gush over! 
Exterior Image of a home that needs some updating
Rendering of an updated home's exterior
Rendered Updated Exterior

Be Confident Before you Renovate. Empty partially developed Basement
Partially Developed Basement
Rendered finished and decorated basement
Rendered Finished Basement

Design boards for basement rendering
Design board featuring furniture selections for rendered basement development

If you want to feel 100% confident about your upcoming DIY Reno, I would love the opportunity to help transform your space. It’s as easy as reaching out to start the conversation here.

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