Best Paint Colors to use in your Saskatoon Home

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Selecting the best paint colors to use in your Saskatoon home has taken years of trial and error for me. Just when I’d think I had found the “IT” color, the paint would go on a wall and look totally different in one room than it did in another because of the way the natural light flowed in. Following your instincts is crucial in picking the best paint colors for your home. When selecting paint colors make sure to work with someone you trust will help steer you in the right direction!

To help our clients visualize what the color will actually look like in their home we created giant canvas’s painted in our GO TO paint colors that can be carted around from site to site. These colors are tried and true, super versatile and our absolute favorites! I’ll go through each color name below but want to make mention that all of these colors are Benjamin Moore colors. We purchase all our paint from Eastside Paint on Ludlow Street. I can’t stress enough that it’s crucial to use Benjamin Moore’s paint if you want the color to look the exact same. Often times, people will try to color match with a different paint brand and it is never 100% the same.

Let’s start with WHITES! Who doesn’t love an all white house these days? If you’re using good quality paint don’t be afraid to paint your walls white…good quality paint is wipeable so those kid hand prints and day-to-day marks will wipe right off with a cloth and warm water. When doing a house “all over white” we always stick with one white…for example, the same white for doors, trim, and walls. It’s when we get into the darker colors that we often change them from room to room.

Best white paint colors
Best white paint colors

In the caption above I have outlined the different colors in order. Let’s start from the top!

White Dove OC 17 – Not too creamy but also not too crisp; this color is a perfect balance! This one is a beautiful soft white with a hint of grey to it.

Simply White OC 117 – Those of you who have followed along with us for a while know that Simply White is my absolute fav! I love it so much we used it on the walls in our own home 🙂 This color is a stunning creamy white for those looking to make a space nice and bright, but also homey at the same time.

Chantilly Lace OC 65 – This is a bright / crisp white! When clients are looking for a more modern design, I often steer them towards this specific white.

Oxford White CC 30 – This white is definitely not as bright as Chantilly Lace because I consider it a bit more muted, it’s also not as creamy as Simply White. This one is a great choice if you’re someone looking for a white that works in a transitional space.

best neutral paint colors
Best neutral paint colors

Gray Owl OC 52 – This neutral-to-cool toned light grey is a great option for those looking for an alternative to white walls! This crisp color will surely perk up your room. Each color has undertones – Gray Owl’s undertones are a slight green and blue.

Classic Gray OC 23No fail paint color alert! I’ve never used this color in a space where a client hasn’t absolutely LOVED it! Classic Gray is one of those “unicorn” colors that pairs amazing with both grays and browns. Classic Gray is considered an off-white, warm gray with soft and muted undertones. If you don’t like blue or green undertones, this could be the one for you!

Silver Satin OC 26 – This warm-light grey is a great option for someone looking for a subtle contrast against their white trim. With slight purple undertones, this color will appear warmer in south-facing rooms, and its grayness will show up in north-facing rooms.

Wish AF 680 – This color is part of Benjamin Moore’s Affinity Collection, which is a collection of 144 gorgeous colors that take all the guesswork OUT because you know they will all pair well together. Wish is another great neutral color that leans on the warmer side. Wish would be the darkest of all the options listed above, but is still light enough to really brighten a space. A true greige, this color really pops against white trim!

best grey accent colors
Best grey accent colors

Chelsea Gray HC 168 – This is a hard one to beat in my books! Chelsea Gray would be the lightest of the grey options listed here and an excellent choice for someone looking to add some depth, but too afraid of going too dark! We love how this grey compliments so many other neutral colors and appears as a TRUE gray on the walls.

Amherst Gray HC 167 – Although this is considered a dark grey, when used in a room with lots of natural light it appears much lighter than shown on the swatch. We love using this color on an accent wall and even cabinets! This one has very slight green undertones but does not pull blue undertones.

Kendall Charcoal HC 166 – This dark and luxurious gray is a frequently used accent wall color in our projects! It’s rich in color and pairs well with all of the light neutral colors listed in the paragraph above.

Wrought Iron 2124-10 – A relatively soft shade of black, which is what I love so much about it! I love how versatile this color is – you can use it on exteriors, front doors, shutters, trim, and wainscoting! We’ve even used this as an accent wall in a master bedroom to add some drama to the space.

With your new knowledge of the best paint colors for your Saskatoon spaces, I encourage you to find the perfect one for your home! Happy painting friends!



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