5 Things to Consider When Building Your Saskatoon Acreage

Saskatoon acreage living is becoming more and more popular. With the popularity of new Saskatoon acreage developments just outside of the city limits, people can create the perfect blend between city living and acreage bliss. These acreage developments offer the perfect opportunity to create a custom home in a peaceful environment that helps owners unwind at the end of a busy day and gives the freedom and space for more design opportunities (while still being just minutes from the city amenities). With all the amazing opportunities these Saskatoon acreage developments bring, there are some things to be aware of before you take the next steps to build your custom home...

Saskatoon acreage

Septic Systems and Other Utilities

The type of septic system you will be required to build can vary with each Saskatoon acreage development. Each can require a different type of septic system that will not only affect how much your system will cost, but it can also dictate how much space the field will take up and where it can be placed on the acreage lot. One thing to keep in mind is that the septic field gets designed based on the size of your home along with other factors, so the larger your home is the larger the field will be required to be. Some other things to be aware of are: required setbacks from the home and property lines, soil types, and other required setbacks such as from bodies of water, etc. These factors all can play a part in the cost and location of the field which are both important things to think about for the design of your custom acreage home.

That being said, before settling on your Saskatoon acreage lot it’s also important to think about your other utilities. Gas, power, and water are all things to consider that could potentially add cost to your build. The further your home is from the utilities, the more expensive those installs can be. This likely won’t be make or break costs for you, but they may be a deciding factor between one acreage lot versus another.


Landscaping is another thing to consider when designing your custom acreage home. Depending on the size of your land, landscaping can add a significant cost. Things to think about are driveways, irrigation/well, gardens and flower beds, trees and shelterbelts, snow removal, and any other things you may want in your landscaping such as swimming pools, pergolas, firepits and other features the add to your Saskatoon acreage experience.  Even if these aren’t things you plan to do right off the hop, they are still important to think about to make sure that they are easy to integrate down the road.   

Saskatoon acreage

Building Envelope

Your building envelope is always extremely important but can be even more so with a Saskatoon acreage. The realities of Saskatchewan are that once you leave the city limits you are often more exposed to Mother Nature than you are inside the city. Wind, hail, blizzards, snow drifts, etc. – they are all accentuated outside of the city and because of that it is important to give even more thought into your building envelope than you otherwise would. Things like high wind shingles, durable siding products, air tightness, water drainage, etc. These things will not only add to the durability of your custom acreage home, but will also increase your homes efficiency, add to the comfort of your home, and will decrease yearly maintenance.

Saskatoon acreage

Elevation, Placement and Building Restrictions

Elevation, placement and building restrictions are often things that get forgotten about before purchasing a lot or designing your custom acreage home. The placement of your home adds to the design by considering natural light, solar gain, and curb appeal. The elevation is important to consider because although most acreage lots can be altered to fit many different designs, it is best to find a lot that accommodates the design you are looking to build to help reduce costs.  Lastly, it is important to know the building restrictions in the acreage development you are considering before you purchase a lot.  Some Saskatoon developments may not accommodate the design you are looking for or the materials you would like to use.  For obvious reasons, these are good things to know before any money is spent on the lot or design!

Backup Power

The last thing to consider is minor but is worth noting. Once you get outside of Saskatoon, most acreage developments are on a low-pressure water line (i.e. a “drip system”). That means that although the acreage development is on city water, there is low water pressure that requires you to have a pressure pump inside your basement to get water to your taps and faucets.  With backup power, when the power goes out, you will still have pressure to run toilets, faucets, tubs, showers, etc. Without it, you will have to wait for the power to come back on before using any water in the house.  This isn’t necessarily the end of the world, but backup power is something to consider when building a custom acreage simply so that when the power goes out you still have running water within your home.

***Although this is not an exhaustive list, these are great things to think about before starting your acreage journey to avoid surprises and snags along the way. If you are interested in sitting down and talking more about building your custom acreage home, simply contact us here https://sprucehomes.ca/contact/ and we would love to schedule a time to sit down and discuss more!

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