A Hidden Saskatchewan Gem for Vintage & Antique Lovers!

A Hidden Saskatchewan Gem for Vintage & Antique Lovers!

As people close to me know, I have a deep love for old things.  People in my life always come up to me and tell me about hidden antique shops they come across and just a few weeks ago, my friend Mel called to tell me about one she thought I would really like.  Unfortunately for my husband (who has to put up with my antiquing), I immediately made a drive out to see what gems I could find.

This hidden gem, Kinder Surprises, is located just outside of Davidson, Saskatchewan on a family farm.  The owner, Erin Kinder, toured me through her entire store and as always, I left with an SUV full of “new” old stuff.  Our home is now full of antiques and vintage items mixed with some modern pieces for contrast.  Personally, I like home decor that is different and try to incorporate vintage finds into every house that our business renovates.  It tells a story when you have a bit of history mixed in with modern touches.  It helps a house stand out, and gives it a warm, cozy feeling. 

The owner, Erin is a mom of 3, lover of antiques, and newly proclaimed entrepreneur.  She gets all of her items from local farms, auctions, and estate sales.  The cool part is that she can tell you exactly where every item came from!  She started the business in a small shed in the town of Davidson, and has blossomed into a full size barn on her and her husband’s land.

If you are looking for great vintage items to add some farmhouse character into your home, Kinder Surprises is a must!  Even though it is an hour drive from Saskatoon, it is WELL worth it!  While you’re there you will find antique doors, furniture, frames, kitchen scales, old windows, jars & tins, crocs, glassware, tin ceiling tiles and so much more.  I like to think of this place as a DIY’ers heaven.  Go check this hidden Saskatchewan gem out and have fun antiquing!

** All items are located at Erin’s farm just 6 kms East of Davidson on the road to Imperial. She accepts cash, e-transfer or credit card. Open on Sunday’s from 1PM-4PM.   Follow Davidson Kinder Surprises on Facebook to see new items posted weekly!

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