Home Building Process

The home building process involves many moving parts. A lot of people really don’t know what to expect before it starts.  So, what should you expect?  Or what shouldn’t you expect?  It’s a great question and can be different with every custom home builder. 

We want to help answer some of those questions about our home building process. So you can understand what the process will look like if you decide to build with Spruce Homes!

We have a podcast episode about this topic that you can listen to here, or you can watch the video below. Keep scrolling to read further.

Stress Free Experience

We want you to feel a part of the building process without feeling like you need to be in it. Custom home building is often a ton of work and a juggling act between:

For some of us crazy people, it’s a fun process!  But for others it can be extremely stressful, so we want to guard you from that stress.  We want you to be involved in the fun and exciting things. So we take care of keeping all the balls in the air.  It’s a process that you will likely experience once, and we want it to be as enjoyable as possible!

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Construction Walkthroughs

Seeing the progress in person helps you feel fully involved in the home building process. We have 5 or 6 set walkthroughs during construction, depending on the project, with different purposes for each walkthrough.  Some walkthroughs have specific details to double check and confirm:

  • Electrical locations
  • Framing backing
  • Wainscotting details

While others are simply to just see how everything is coming together! 

The reality is that things always look a little different in person. There are last-minute changes that happen and other times there are some final decisions from the design phase. 

Seeing how the house or design comes together or functions in person, is an exciting part of the process. By confirming all these details during construction ensures that your home comes together just right!

the home building process. framed home
Framed Exterior
Completed Interior


An important part of a great home building experience is communication.  Communicating progress, issues and of course successes!  To help us communicate well, we use a software called Buildertrend

Buildertrend is a cloud-based construction software that has a great client portal. In either the mobile app or desktop version, you can view the schedule live as we see it. You have access to job logs updated each week, and are able to track pricing. 

The Buildertrend software brings you into the construction process without having to be in the nitty gritty.


The construction schedule is ever changing based on weather, sub availability and product delivery. By following the schedule, you will see everything we see:

  • What’s happening tomorrow
  • Next week
  • Next month 

It’s a fun way to stay engaged, stay informed, and feed your curiosity on your own time.

Job Logs

Job Logs (or Daily Logs) keep you updated between your site visits. Of course, you can drive by and see what’s going on, but you want to see what’s happening inside! That’s what Daily Logs are for.

A couple times a week, you’ll be updated with what’s happening on site accompanied by any relevant photos or videos.  These can include daily progress updates or let you know about delays, backorders, etc. 

Cost Tracking

As changes occur, you should always know where your budget is at. Through your client portal, you can always see what your running balance is. As you request/accept change orders, it will add or subtract those changes from the total. You always know exactly where you stand.

The Quality Program

The final piece of the home building process is quality control. It doesn’t matter how amazing the build experience is if the quality of the home is poor. On top of the required municipal and third-party inspections, we have implemented an internal quality program. 

The municipal and third-party inspections are for structural code compliance.  They want to make sure that the code is being followed and they are free from liability. 

Our internal quality program is much more in depth.  Throughout the build, we follow each trade as they leave to ensure nothing is missed. We are inspecting items beyond the code to give you the best home possible.  We are considering practical implications, anticipating future problems, and ensuring the finishing quality meets our high standards.  

Overall it’s a comprehensive collaboration between our trade partners, the municipality, third-party warranty providers, and ourselves.

In the end, we align ourselves closely to you.  You are building a custom home and you expect a quality product.  Likewise, our reputation and longevity hinges on handing over a quality product.  We want you to tell your family and friends about how stress free our process is, and how great your home is!

If you are interested in building a custom home in Saskatoon we would love to chat!  We always start with The Pricing Process, move through The Design Process, and then start construction.  To get started simply contact us and we will be in touch!

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