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We believe that it’s important to build new homes that focus both on design and function. A pretty house does you no good if it doesn’t live well or doesn’t last. By utilizing the newest products and technologies, we can put as much emphasis on the aesthetics as the structural components.

With that being said, one of the biggest hurdles to building a new home is all of the decisions that need to be made!  Without a process to walk through, the decisions can be overwhelming and add stress to the process that doesn’t need to be there. Our goal is to simplify the selection process so that there is a logical order and you can rest assured you’ll be guided throughout. 

Where to Start?

The biggest question most people have when building their home is this – where do we start!? The answer to that question is twofold and depends where you want to build! The floor plan and the lot selection are always the first places we begin. Depending on where you want to build will affect which comes first. We can accommodate your needs a few different ways!

We have a variety of pre-built plans that are ready for you to customize. With all our plans, you will still have the opportunity to make it your own!

We understand that some of our plans may need a twist or a sprinkle to make it functional for your family. We can do that too!

Unfortunately, we haven’t built every house plan under the sun! Let’s create a custom plan just for you – we love creating one of a kind spaces that scream YOU!

This can sometimes be the most difficult part of the process. Sometimes lots fall on your lap and other times the perfect one takes some time to come around.

  • Client Owned You own a lot already – perfect! Let’s start designing!
  • Spruce Owned If you need help finding that perfect lot, we do that too. We have options for both self financed or builder financed projects.

The Process

The biggest question most people have when building their home is this – where do we start!? The answer to that question is twofold and depends where you want to build! The floor plan and the lot selection are always the first places we begin. Depending on where you want to build will affect which comes first. We can accommodate your needs a few different ways!

Below is an overview of what our Design Process looks like from start to finish. It’s important to understand the process that you will walk through to make sure that it is a fit for you!

Whether we are building a Spruce Plan or creating one specifically for you, this is the start of the process. We sit down, talk about your wants and needs and put ink to paper. This often goes through multiple renditions, but it’s worth getting just right!

Once the floor plan is finalized, it’s time to get you a price! We price out your home based on the wants and needs that you’re looking for. This gives you a chance to make any changes before the final pricing comes together.

Once the Budgeted Price has been approved, now the real work begins– designing your home. You will talk through your design style and meet with our designer to pick your design selections.

Once you’ve selected all your finishing’s we are able to finalize your price, sign a construction contract and schedule your build!

Now the real fun begins – seeing your home come to life!

Designing A Home

The design is the special sauce to making your house a home. We’ve curated a design process that makes the selection process as easy and stress free as possible (we’re not saying it’s completely stress free, but we take the foam off the top). Our process has some flexibility built in because each person is different but as a rule we do our best to stick to this.

Our initial Design Day is all about bringing the exterior look of your home to life! We work with a rendering software that allows us to show you different exterior looks complete with various colors, roof options, and extra details. We’ll also talk about interior finishing’s that will make your home unique – doors and casings, hardware, wainscoting, etc. This meeting is all about getting to know one another and bringing together the vision for your dream home!

Today is when we do our “heavy lifting.” We will visit our cabinetry and flooring suppliers to pick “the meat” of your design selections – cabinets, countertops, flooring and tile. You will be able to see several different kitchen displays and have an opportunity to select all of the special organization tools you would like to see in your home! We will pick flooring and tile that are geared towards your style and really make your home scream YOU!

This is one of our favorite design meetings! Design Day 3 is when all of your auxiliary selections are finalized. This includes electrical and plumbing fixtures, paint colours, special design items, and anything we need to revisit from Day 1 & 2. These are items that make those subtle differences in your home.

Construction Walkthroughs

Construction Walkthroughs are where you get to see, feel, and smell all the decisions you’ve made! By  this time the bulk of the decisions have been made and you get to make those last final decisions to put those final touches on your home. We do five in-person walkthroughs at specific times in the build, all  which have specific purposes.

See your house come to life! Often times people  will wonder why it seems so small – don’t worry,  framing plays tricks on you and your spaces will actually feel larger as the build progress’s.

Wires get hidden behind drywall. Ripping drywall apart in your brand-new home is not fun. This is why we do our electrical walkthroughs. You get to see where everything is wired – in person – before drywall hits the wall. This eliminates the regret of any plug, switch or light placements.

Now your house is coming together! It’s warm and cozy and the rooms are starting to take shape. This is where we make any last-minute carpentry decisions such as closet shelving or wall details.

This is where you spent the bulk of your time during design. The cabinets, flooring and tile are keys to making your house feel like you. If there are any small details left to finalize, we’ll do it now. Otherwise, this is your time to just enjoy the ride!

Your final walkthrough is an opportunity for us to go through the house together and make sure everything is just right. Possession is just days away so we want it to be perfect when you move in.

The Technology

We are well into the 21st century and it’s about time we act like it!

We use a full-service construction software that allows seamless communication between both our trades and you, the client. It keeps everyone on the same page and offers awesome insight for you into the construction of your home.

You’ll get to use this technology alongside with us!

buildertrend logo

The construction schedule is ever changing based on weather, sub availability and product delivery. By following the schedule, you will see everything we see – what’s happening tomorrow, next week, and next month at your build.

Daily Logs are meant to keep you updated on your build in between your site visits. Sure, you can drive by and see what’s going on but you want to see what’s happening inside! That’s what Daily Logs are for. A couple times a week, you’ll be updated with what’s happening on site accompanied by any relevant photos or videos.

Changes happen. Expect them upfront so you aren’t stressed when they happen. What shouldn’t be stressful is tracking them. That’s what Change Orders are for. Anytime a Change Order is requested it will come directly to you to either accept or decline, right on your phone or desktop.

As changes occur, you should always know where your budget is at. Through your Client Portal, you can always see what your running balance is. As you accept change orders, it will add or subtract those changes from the total so you always know exactly where you stand.

There are so many ways to communicate these days – calls, texts, emails, social media, etc. We try and keep as much communication in one spot as possible. The messaging portion of the portal can act as you would like. It can act like a text or like an email. Either way, it will keep everything in one spot in case we need to go back to refer to an older message down the road!

The Quality Program

Here’s a question for you, what is quality? The reality is quality is in the eye of the beholder. We understand that quality is a requirement otherwise everything else we do is irrelevant. We manage quality by using trusted trade partners that we have lasting relationships with and following our Quality Assurance Program. Our program uses 17 quality checks, all containing 10-20 inspection points. We make sure that your house is built to your standards.

  • Foundation
  • Framing & Windows
  • Electrical (Phase 1, 2 & 3)
  • Plumbing & Mechanical (Phase 1, 2 & 3)
  • Insulation
  • Drywall
  • Exterior
  • Finishing
  • Paint (Phase 1 & 2)
  • Cabinets
  • Flooring & Tile
  • Final Walkthrough
  • Footings
  • Pre-Backfill
  • Framing
  • Vapour Barrier
  • Final


Yes, we have a warranty package!

We have partnered with Progressive Home Warranty to offer a 10-year warranty package that is the top of the industry. Your coverage includes…

In the first year we warrant against any and all defects in workmanship and materials that may occur during the first year after completion. To make sure that your home is up to snuff, we check in with you multiple times throughout that first year – and of course, you have our number as well.

In the second year our warranty extends to the crucial mechanical systems that keep the home comfortable. Coverage includes materials and labour supplied for the gas, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning delivery systems

For 5 years you will also have coverage against water penetration through foundation walls that threaten the comfort and beauty of the home.

You can also sleep sound knowing the very heart of the home’s structure will be covered for 10 full years to a maximum of $60,000. It covers any defect in materials and labour that results in a failure of the load bearing components of the home, or the structural damage that might result from such a failure.

Progressive Home Warranty will ensure that families have a place to live if they have to move out of their home because of a structural defect. They will be reimbursed up to $6,000 for additional expenses incurred for hotel rooms and food costs while they’re unable to live in the home.

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