Ep. 43 - Should I D.I.Y. My Reno our Build?

Have you ever considered completing your own build or renovation? Is it coming from a point of pride or a way to save some money? On today's episode, we are joined by Dustin Sikler and Heather Fritz to talk about their personal experiences. Both have completed renovations and builds of their own - some by themselves and others with professional builders. We sit down with them to have a frank conversation about their experience and see things from their side of the table plus bring up some things to think about ourselves. If you are considering building or renovating, this is a MUST listen!

Ep. 42 - Why the Home Builder's Association Matters to You

Affordability, quality, and sustainability are at the forefront of the home building conversation right now. Those three concepts are very difficult to combine in our worlds current climate and it’s critical that we have people on our side advocating for us (as builders and consumers). In today’s episode we talk with the Saskatoon & Region Home Builder’s Association to understand the importance of the work they do for us as home buyers (locally, provincially and federally) and also to understand the importance of building or renovating with reputable companies that are part of a local association!

Ep. 41 - Radon Exposure in Your Home

On today's episode we are VERY excited to welcome a special guest, Kerri Tucker! Kerri is a real estate agent here in Saskatoon and has a very personal story about the risks of radon. On this episode Brad and Kerri talk about what radon is and why you NEED to be aware of it. We live in a province that contains high radon exposure, so being educated and aware is important. Enjoy this episode and share it with everyone you know to get this important message out there!

Ep. 40 - Building in the winter?

Living in Saskatchewan, we often get questions about building through the winter. Should you? Shouldn't you? How does the process change and how can that affect both quality and pricing? In today's episode, Brad dives into some of those questions and gives you some answers, busts some myths about off-season building and gives some general takeaways to consider!

Ep. 39 - 10 Must-Have's In Your Custom Home

In today’s episode, Brad and Kaitlyn talk about the top ten things they would consider including in a custom home. The joys of custom building is that you get to design a home that is beautiful, functional and comfortable. We consider all three of these in our top 10. We’d love to hear what you would include – find us on Instagram and comment with your top inclusions!

Ep. 38 - The State Of The Construction Market in 2022

We are in a very different place than last year’s market update. With interest rates being a major topic of conversation and the media pushing the severity of a looming recession, fear in the market has definitely become a reality. But is now the time to push the construction of your custom home another calendar year? Maybe. Or maybe not. We can’t tell you that for sure, but in today’s episode we do discuss what we are seeing in the residential construction industry and how that may impact your decision moving forward. Although we don’t have a crystal ball, we do hope you can take a couple nuggets from today’s episode to help your decision making!

Ep. 37 - The Construction Process

In our last episode in “Our Process” series, we are talking about construction. What does the experience look like from your side of the table during construction? Brad walks through what our process looks like and gives some insight into what you can expect. From communication to problem solving, the construction experience is a critical piece of the puzzle to ensure that you have the best custom home building experience possible!

Ep. 36 - So You're Building an Infill?

Are you building an infill now or in the future? If so, this episode is for you! We curated a list of things that you should be aware of prior to building. Some of these things may add cost to your project and others may add time. Either way, you will want to be aware of these so that when the time comes, you are prepared. From site conditions to permit times, we go in depth about each item so that you can be informed!

Ep. 35 - The Design Process

When you are building a custom home, it is critical that a solid design system is in place. This is where the interior and exterior design pulls together with the architectural design and the entire home becomes cohesive. Without a solid process details can get missed, pricing can get out of hand and communication can break down.

Ep. 34 - Avoiding Change Orders

If you are building a custom home, change orders are likely going to be part of the process. You want to get your home just right and often times throughout construction you may want to tweak a few things from the original plan. That’s ok!
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