Ep. 33 - Surprise Construction Costs

Have you ever talked to someone who built a custom home and heard about surprise costs that jumped up along the way? It’s not a pleasant experience! It’s an important thing to keep in mind – there is always a potential for cost over runs throughout the project.

Ep. 32 - Lessons From The House We Built

After living in the house we built for three years, there have been some lessons learned. Things that we would do the same, and things that we would do differently. Living in a house you built gives a new perspective and helps better guide clients through their build.

Ep. 31 - Furniture - The Cherry on Top (of Your Home)

Once you finish your project and move it, you want it to feel like home. Part of that feeling is making sure the furniture fits with your new space. In this episode, Kaitlyn discusses things to think through when you are furniture shopping, tips, and trends we are seeing for 2022. If you are in the planning stages of a build or renovation this is something you will want to consider sooner rather than later!

Ep. 30 - The Pricing Process

You’re planning to build a custom home, but you have no idea what it will cost. Where do you start? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as straight forward as you would like, but we on this weeks episode we break down what our Pricing Process looks like. From inspiration, to floor plans, to pricing, we walk with you through the entire journey to get you to that answer – what will it cost!?

Ep. 29 - Construction Financing... In All It's Glory

Whether you are planning on building your dream home or doing an extensive renovation to create one, financing plays a crucial role. While it may not be a glamorous topic, we all need to organize our “Benjamins” before starting a project. On this episode Brad is joined by a special guest, Ron Quaroni to break down what construction financing looks like – both from the perspective of custom building as well as renovations.

Ep. 28 - The State of Construction - Spring Update

One of the ongoing conversations we are having these days revolves around pricing. Where is it now and where is it going? At the moment, there are a few macro-economic factors at play that are impacting the overall market. There are a ton of complexities and the the world is ever-changing. In this episode, Brad goes over some of the macro events and dives into how they are impacting us here at home. Would he build right now, or would he hold off? Listen to this episode to find out his thoughts!

Ep. 27 - Windows Demystified

This week we have a special guest from Durabuilt Windows & Doors. Daniel Serrano joins Brad to give some insight into a part of your home that often gets overlooked – windows. Windows play a crucial part in the comfort and feeling of your home but also play a vital role in efficiency. Sit down with Brad and Danny before you start designing your next project to think more about your new window selections and how they can impact the overall comfort and performance of your house!

Ep. 26 - Working With Your Spouse

This week, we decided to go off topic and mix in something different – working with your spouse. It’s something that we have a first hand perspective on that most don’t. This episode is a fun way to bring you inside the realities of blending marriage and business. Whether you are thinking of going into business with your significant other or you are just looking for some laughs at our expense, give this episode a listen!

Ep. 25 - How Do You Know You Can Trust A Builder?

Whether you are building a new home or starting a renovation project, trust is crucial! But how do you know you can trust them? Other than gut feel, what are tangible things that you can do in order to create a sense of peace before you make a decision? In todays episode, Brad lists six tangible things you can do before you sign that construction contract.

Ep. 24 - Which is Better, Fixed Price or Cost Plus?

Are you dreaming of your big project? One thing you should think through while you are day dreaming is the contract structure you would like to see. Exciting, hey? Different contract types have benefits and drawbacks. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but depending on your personality type you may lean one way or the other. In today’s episode, we walk through a few pro’s and con’s of fixed price and cost plus pricing to help you be better prepared for when ink hits paper!
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