Ep. 23 - What to Consider When Buying Land

Whether you are buying land for an acreage or a lot in the city, there are a few things that you should think through prior to your purchase. On today’s episode, Brad talks about what some of those things are and argues why it’s important to get your builder involved early. If a new build is in your future, this episode is a must listen!

Ep. 22 - How to Choose a Paint Sheen

Selecting the right paint sheen can be a crucial part of how the finish turns out. Different sheens are made for different purposes – some hide imperfections really well while others are really durable. Considering the usage of each space (and material), as well as the imperfections that may come to light are important factors to consider while selecting sheens. In todays short episode, Kaitlyn breaks down each sheen, the benefits of each and where you should consider using them!

Ep. 21 - Paying for Estimates

Do you expect to pay for pricing on your construction projects or are you looking to get that for free before you decide to move forward with a project? On today’s episode, Brad talks about the pros and cons of free estimates and why you should actually seek out builders that charge for pricing upfront. It’s counterintuitive based on the norm, but it’s worth a listen!

Ep. 20 - How Air Leakage Affects Efficiency

Energy efficiency is taking more and more of a centre seat to the building conversation. But you know what isn’t? Air leakage. Insulation and solar seem to guide the efficiency conversation and air leakage takes a back seat. What people don’t realize is how important air leakage really is. Beyond potential moisture issues it can cause, air leakage can drastically decrease the efficiency of the materials you use. Today’s episode tackles the importance of managing air leakage and how you can use technology to build a better house for less money. Tune in!

Ep. 19 - Christmas Memories + Design

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! We are only days away from Christmas so we thought it would be fun to talk about some of our favourite Christmas memories and how they tie into design. Join us in our light hearted conversation and hear some personal stories from Kaitlyn’s first Canadian Christmas all the way back to some of our fondest childhood Christmas memories. We hope you guys enjoy this one and have a very special 2021 Christmas. God Bless!

Ep. 18 - Holiday Recipes with Ashley Quick

Prepare for your mouth to water! Join Kaitlyn and our special guest, Ashley Quick (Certified Sports Nutritionist), as they chat about Ashley’s favourite holiday recipes for entertaining! You’ll want to have a pen and paper handy for this episode so you can try these holiday favourites on your family too! Looking to watch your figure over the holidays??? Listen through to the end and Ashley will share her favourite tip on how NOT to over indulge during holiday gatherings!

Ep. 17 - Holiday Decorating!

Christmas time is here and we all love decorating for the holidays! But decorating is all about creating that feeling – it’s more than just the decor. On this episode, Brad and Kaitlyn talk about creative things you can do to create that holiday feeling in your own home and the personal touches that they add throughout the holiday season that add that extra flare of Christmas spirit!

Ep. 16 - You Want your Builder Making Money

You are paying good money for your custom home, right? And you have high expectations for the experience and end product, correct? I hope that’s the case and that would be our expectation too! With that expectation, there are certain things that your builder requires to make that happen – time, people, planning, and profits!

Ep. 15 - Inspo Photos and How to Use Them

Everybody knows what an “Inspo Photo” is – a photo that you see online or in a magazine that gives you creative ideas for your space. The challenge is how to use those photos. In todays episode we talk about the pros and cons of inspo photos and things to consider when surfing the web for inspiration.

Ep. 14 - Slot Scheduling

Slot scheduling – what the heck is that and why do I care?? Maintaining the quality of construction takes time and it takes effort. Your builders time management is an important aspect to make sure that your project is finished to the level you expect. Slot scheduling is a system that helps with that.
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