Ep. 3 - Why Pricing Multiple Builders Won't Get You What You Want

If you're trying to get the best price possible getting quotes from multiple contractors makes sense, right? Well, maybe... If price is your ONLY objective then you are probably on the right track. But if you are looking for more than that, simply pricing multiple contractors isn't the way to go. Instead, you need to interview multiple builders and understand which one fits you the best. The reason simply pricing multiple contractors won't get you what you're looking for is because of the complexity of construction. In this episode, we talk about the nuances of each of these and why interviewing builders is more important than simply pricing.

Ep. 2 - How to Bring Your Personality Into Your Home

Your house is more then that – it’s your home. It’s where you spend a large part of your time and where lifetime memories are made. To make those memories even more special, we believe your home should portray your personality. But how do you do that? In this episode, Kaitlyn walks us through how she brings personality to a space in both permanent and temporary ways. She talks about compromising, taking your time and being patient, and getting out of your comfort zone!

Ep. 1 - Construction Isn't Perfect, Things Happen!

Throughout the construction process, things happen! Delays happen, the material gets back-ordered, the product can get discontinued and mistakes happen. Houses are built and renovated by hand and there are a lot of people included in the process. Don’t expect everything to go 100% – there will be pivot points throughout your project. But that’s okay! If you understand what can come up, you’ll be better prepared when it does. Through teamwork and trust, you and your builder will get through the bumps (regardless of how big), just fine!

Ep. 0 - Introducing: The Spruce Homes Show

The Spruce Homes Show is your local real estate podcast that tackles what it looks like to design, build and renovate. We’re going to walk you through what the custom construction experience looks like. Throughout the podcast, we’ll help you understand how we walk clients through the design and build process, help you understand the construction industry and how it affects you, and help you understand when and where different products should be used. Our hope is that by following along, you will have a better grasp of what to expect before starting a construction project, making the process easier and more fun. Thank you for joining, and welcome to The Spruce Homes Show!
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