Remove A Wall For Quick Equity

Remove A Wall For Quick Equity

One of my favourite parts of home renovation is demo.  A house can look completely different in just a few hours with a couple of people and a sledge hammer.  A lot of the destruction is just plain fun, but there is one thing that can add serious value – removing walls. If you live in an older home, you most likely have walls separating every different space in your house.  In today’s age, most people want a more open design where they can see into multiple rooms at once.  But knocking down walls has more than just design benefits, it has economic value too. Here are five quick reasons removing a wall can add serious value!

1. It Creates A Great Entertaining Space

Removing just one wall can create a totally different vibe in your home.  Choppy homes with a bunch of walls create separation and feel uninviting. By opening up a space, you can open the conversation from room to room and create a more welcoming feel for you and your guests!

2.  More Natural Light!

My favourite benefit of tearing down a wall is the added natural light it gives a space.  Instead of the sun rays being trapped to one room, now the space will have twice as many windows to bring light from.  Natural light will brighten up your home and automatically make it feel more vibrant without you having to do anything else!

3.  Gives The Opportunity To Add Design

Just because you remove a wall doesn’t mean that you can’t put anything in its place. Sometimes it works to leave the space as if nothing was ever there, and other times it works to add some spice to the space.  In place of the wall, you can add a decorative beam, crown moulding along the existing header, or simply drywall the header for some visual separation between the rooms.  Each house will be different and will depend on your taste.

4.  Low Cost, Big Wow

The best part about opening up your space is that it’s cheap! Anybody can do it. All you need to do is grab a sledge hammer and go. The after math may take some professional work, but it is minor.  Depending on your space, removing a wall could cost as little as $1,000 – maybe less.  The best part is the value it will add.  I would argue it could add up to $10,000 to your home. Not a bad return on investment!

5.  It’s fun!

Finally, it’s a blast! There’s nothing like grabbing a hammer and swinging for the fence.  It takes almost no time at all and it’s super satisfying! If you are planning on “busting it open” as I call it, I definitely recommend doing this part yourself – it’s fun!

As with any renovations, there are always things to consider as well.  If you are thinking of tearing down a wall, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Supporting walls: please do yourself a favour and consult with a professional before you do any demo. We consult with our inspector and carpenter before any destruction starts.  There would be nothing worst than removing a supporting wall and have your house fall in!


  • Additional costs: if you are not renovating the rest of your home, there will be additional costs that will arise. Some potential costs could be: new flooring, ceiling repair, electrical, or support beams.


  • Room flow: even though you create an open concept, you will still want to visually separate your rooms. Whether you do that with furniture, an island, or an aesthetic beam, you will want to consider that before you start swinging the hammer.


  • Sound: lastly, you will want to consider sound. By removing walls, you will remove sound barriers as well.  The degree of noise change will depend on the size of the rooms, height of ceiling, and the furniture in your home.  Some people are okay with some added noise and some people aren’t.  That will be up to you!


If you are considering removing a wall or any other home renovations, contact Brad or Kaitlyn with any questions you may have.  From design to finish, we can guide you through the whole process.

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