We decided to purchase a Spruce Home because we were really interested in the remaining part of the core neighbourhood of the City of Saskatoon. We were not interested in spending additional time and money on major renovations. Spruce Homes really checked both of those boxes. We were able to remain in a mature neighbourhood within the city and have that luxurious feeling of moving into a brand new home.


One of our favourite things about the house was how they took care of every square inch. The whole main floor was renovated and also the basement, which was big for us. Our hardwood floors are original. We know a lot of care and attention went into maintaining them. We found that they really keep the character of a home but with the remodelling and the renovations, they really provide a great upgrade as a fresh start. It was really nice for us to move in and get comfortable right away.


If you’re looking to purchase a home within a mature neighbourhood in Saskatoon, we would definitely recommend Spruce Homes.


Brooke & Spencer

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