The Client Experience Defined

The client experience defined: a term that is thrown around across all different industries but very vague.  It’s a term that is highly subjective and can mean different things to different people in different industries. 

The client experience is something that we put a lot of emphasis on.  One of the main differences you will notice between home builders is the standards they hold themselves and their people to.  But what exactly do we focus on?  Is our client experience something that you’re looking for?  Or are you looking for a different client experience?  That is a question that is extremely important to answer before you build a custom home or take on a large renovation.  So, this is what our client experience looks like:

All Encompassing & Responsible

Customer Experience Defined. Spruce Home Staff Metting

From the beginning, we aim to be a home builder that is all encompassing. A one stop shop where clients can come and build their forever home.  We believe that being apart of the design and build process is crucial to developing a top tier client experience.  It brings everything under one roof and brings responsibility onto one person’s shoulder. Clients can rest knowing that we are willing to bear that entire burden.   

Simple & Stress Free

Everyone has heard of the KISS Rule (Keep It Simple Stupid).  That’s exactly how we’ve made our process for clients.  By following a proven process, the build can run smoothly, and expectations be met for clients. 

Throughout both the design and construction phases, we are there the entire time making things easier for our clients.  We view our responsibility as the problem solvers and bad news gatekeepers.  We aim to understand your expectations upfront and work tirelessly to solve all problems before they get to you. 

These are our ways of reducing stress for you.  Is it always perfect?  Of course not, but if we can come to you with solutions rather than problems then it makes any hiccups manageable, and the result remains as you expected!  

Transparent & Honest

Trust with your home builder is extremely important and we have recognized that transparency from the beginning helps establish that.  Transparency through pricing, transparency through design and transparency through construction. 

We want our clients to know what is included (and what isn’t) in their project. This includes what the final product will look like and what is happening throughout construction.  We leverage technology to help with all of this with the goal of no surprises throughout the project. 

Available & Friendly

Customer Experience Defined. Buildertrend daily log

Our goal is to be available. Whether we are designing your layout, selecting interior finishings or in the middle of construction.  Communication can be the crux of an amazing experience and we fully understand that.  By prioritizing clients and leveraging technology like Buildertrend, we can keep clients informed of progress, answer any questions in a timely manner and be clear and transparent about what they can expect in the final product!  


For most, building a custom home or doing a large renovation is out of their wheelhouse.  One of the things we aim to do is teach our clients things about construction along the way. 

There are a few obvious benefits to this, the first being that you are more informed about the products that are going into your home and why we’re recommending them.  This helps make sound decisions and gives you peace of mind. 

The second benefit is that you have a better understanding of how your home is built.  This gives you added insight into maintenance and durability down the road!

Quality Home

Customer Experience Defined. Completed Spruce Homes Build

In order to ensure a positive client experience, the quality of the final product is essential. A fantastic initial experience can be overshadowed by a home that falls apart.

We prioritize the quality of our homes to prevent this from happening. We understand that our clients want to be proud of their homes, and we want to be proud of the homes we hand over.

Every home, client, and scenario is unique, but by keeping the client experience in mind and applying our Core Values to every project, we are able to avoid common struggles such as poor workmanship, communication, and design. Whether we are renovating or building, our commitment to quality ensures an amazing client experience.

Building a custom home is an amazing experience! You get to design a home that is truly unique and functions specifically for your family.  That being said, it’s a lengthy process that can be overwhelming, so you want to make sure you are building with a company that eases those feelings. 

If you are interested in discussing your custom home in Saskatoon and the surrounding area, we would love to be part of that process.  Contact us and we will reach out to start the conversation around we can help bring your dreams to life!

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