The Design Process

We have created a design process that makes it easy for you to create the custom home of your dreams. Below we give more detail into this process, so you can see to how we are able to make building with Spruce Homes, so special.

When most people think of building a custom home in Saskatoon, it’s the interior finishes that they think of most:

  • Special design features
  • Flooring
  • Cabinets
  • Hardware
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Lighting

For some people, this is the most fun part of the process, but for others this is the most dreaded! For that reason, we have organized our design process so that we can accommodate both ends of the spectrum. 

Whether you want to be completely hands off, fully involved, or somewhere in between (where most lay), our design process will work for you! It makes the selection process as easy and stress free as possible (we’re not saying it’s completely stress free, but we help take the foam off the top).

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An important things for us is to be sure we are never imparting our design style on our clients. The goal is for the homes we build to reflect our client’s style. It is important that we understand what they like and why. We view ourselves as the middlemen who are responsible for making sure their inspiration comes to life. 

We especially like when our clients have unique styles or ideas. These clients give us the opportunity to expand our imagination and creativity. It also gives us something new and exciting to work on. 

Before the design process even begins, we want to ensure we understand their inspiration and vision. We always sit down with a client and have them show us photos or designs that they like. We want to understand what draws them to the designs they have chosen. In the end, the design elements of a custom home are the special sauce that makes a house a home

Needing inspiration? Our portfolio is a great place to start

Design Days

Part of our job as a custom home builder is to take the stress off client’s shoulders.  This is true through the entire build process but can be especially true throughout the design phase. To help with the process, we like to narrow the design of most houses into four specific days. 

Between design days, we are curating different design options for the clients, that reflect their style. When we meet up on the design days, the work we’ve done behind the scenes allows us and the clients to be efficient, have fun and be more decisive! 

The goal of the design process is to have 100% of your finishes selected prior to signing contracts or starting construction so that there are no surprises along the way and during the build you can just enjoy the ride! Our time together looks a little bit like this: 

Design Day #1

Our initial Design Day is all about bringing the exterior look of your home to life! We work with rendering software that shows you different exterior looks complete with various colours, roof options, and extra details.

We’ll also talk about interior finishes that will make your home unique – doors and casings, hardware, wainscoting, etc. This meeting is all about getting to know one another and bringing together the vision for your dream home! 

We typically talk about things you like or dislike about your current house. We also discuss the things you want to add to your custom home, the things that will make life easier.

Design Day #2

This day is when we do our “heavy lifting”. We visit our cabinetry and flooring suppliers to pick “the meat” of the design selections:

  • Cabinets,
  • Countertops,
  • Flooring
  • Tile

You will see different kitchen displays and have an opportunity to select the organization tools for your home!

Prior to us arriving, we have already pre-selected items that we believe will accomplish the overall design. This makes the process easier and less stressful, while still giving you the pick of the gamut! 

Likewise, we have already pre-designed all your cabinets so that we have a base design to work off of. The pre-designed cabinets fit within budget so that we have a base to go off of when making changes. 

This helps streamline the process, gives a greater understanding of costs impacts and gets some ideas on paper early! 

Design Day #3

This is one of our favorite design meetings! Design Day 3, is when all the supporting selections are finalized. This includes:

  • Lights
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Paint colours
  • Special design items
  • Anything else we need to revisit from Day 1 & 2

These are items that make subtle differences in your home and help add those personalized touches. We preselect several options, that fit the design and budget, so the day can be fun and stress free!

Design Process. Design boards showing entrance flooring options.
Design process. Design board showing light fixtures

Selection presentation boards

Design Day #4

Design Day #4 is maybe the most fun of them all and for most people the least stressful. This is the day that we review everything that has been selected.  We bring all the samples to the office, so you can see them together and be confident in your choices. As an added bonus, this is also the day we share the 3-D renderings with you.


These renderings are phenomenal! We work with an outside company to render your rooms with the exact selections you have chosen. The renderings will show everything you chose. The cabinets you designed, the flooring you chose, the light fixtures you picked and the selected paint colours. 

As a cherry on top, we will also include furniture that we would recommend in the rooms.  The renderings are very realistic and give a real sense of what the space will look and feel like finished. These are extremely fun to see and get everyone excited to start!

Furniture Selection

An added service that we have found extremely valuable throughout the years is the furnishing service that we offer.  What we realized is that in most scenarios, people are purchasing new furniture for their new home.  Most of the time, they buy a couple of specific pieces to fit the size or shape of a room. But other times they are buying new furniture for the entire home.

To help with this, we almost always add an additional design day in the middle of the build.  We work it in the same way as the rest of our design process:

  • Work within your budget
  • Pre-select furniture/décor that achieve the design goals
  • Meet at retailers to look, sit and feel the different pieces before we order

The beauty is that when you move into your custom home, the new furnishings and décor is already there.  It’s not something that you have to deal with in addition to the already stressful part of moving.


Something that we inevitably run into is differing opinions between clients. We always joke that our jobs are part time designers and part time marriage counselors. But when those scenarios arise, we kick into gear to be that unbiased third party. We keep the big picture in mind so that the end product is what you envisioned. 

In times like these, we will often offer a third option that is a compromise between both opinions. Other times we will take a side, but we are doing so to ensure a cohesive design. We are here to help you get the custom home you envisioned.

Flexible Design Styles

It has been important to us to be flexible with our design style for each client. We view or job as aiding in bringing your dream to life, not to impart ours upon you. We’ve always taken pride in how we have tackled new styles or design inspirations.

In the end you are in control of the final design – we are there to help bring it all together. You always have the opportunity to be the conductor of your own orchestra!

Interested in designing a custom home in Saskatoon? We would love to help! 

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