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The 5 Essentials to Creating a Cozy Guest Room


Creating a “home away from home” for your family and friends when they come for an overnight stay is essential when you’re trying to be a great hostess.  Follow these 5 easy steps below to create an experience for your guests that will keep them talking for weeks!

1. Create that “bed & breakfast feel”

Make sure that you have washed and changed the sheets on the bed, as well as provided enough pillows to account for how many people will be staying over.  There is nothing worse than smelly sheets for your guests!  I also like to lay out magazines so that if guests can’t fall asleep at night, they have something to pick up and browse.  A great way to display these is to set a serving tray on the bed, scatter the bottom with various magazines, and then place a vase of flowers or a plant on top to create a homey atmosphere.


2. Make space for your guest’s belongings

Speaking from my perspective, I DO NOT travel lightly!  It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m coming for one night or an entire week, I seem to always over-pack.  This may or may not drive my husband crazy, but as he always says, “It is what it is.”  As the hostess, make sure that you create enough space for your guests’ belongings.  If there is a dresser in the room, clear out at least one drawer for them to put their things in.  If there is a closet in the room, leave hangers and enough space for your guests to hang up some of their nice clothing.  Nothing is worse than wrinkled dress clothes!


3. Share your Wi-Fi password

hostest-picture3Hopefully you like your guests enough to share your Wi-Fi!  There are so many clever and adorable printable’s available for FREE these days on Pinterest that you can’t go wrong!  Below is one that I personally snagged off Pinterest.  I filled in my own info, and printed it on ordinary computer paper.  I purchased the frame at Hobby Lobby, and WALAA – I had accomplished the project with little to no effort!  To print off your own Wi-Fi password sign online, visit


4. Set towels and toiletries out for guests

Leaving towels in your guest room is a great way to eliminate the “search and find” that guests typically have to do in the mornings. Towels are not one of those items that a house guest typically packs when they’re coming to stay at a friend or family member’s house.  Either set out a clean set (large towel, hand towel and face cloth) on the bed for them, or create some sort of decoration with them such as sticking them in a decorative box or basket.


5. Stock up on a variety of breakfast treats

There is nothing better than staying at a hotel with a great continental breakfast.  Why not create that same atmosphere for your guests at your very own house! If you have the time and you’re willing, wake up early and throw on some bacon and eggs.  Maybe even whip up some pancakes so there is lots of variety.  If you’re in a rush or won’t be around in the morning when your guests wake up, make sure to set out some small treats such as granola bars, donuts, or the toaster along with some bread and jam.

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