Valentines Gift Guide – For Even The Most Romantically Challenged Guys

Valentines Gift Guide – For Even The Most Romantically Challenged Guys

Let’s face it ladies and gentleman…Valentine’s Day is now only 10 days away.  Each year, we as females tend to have this perfect image in our heads of our men surprising us with the most perfect gift and evening to match it.  What’s the reality for those of us with romantically challenged spouses or boyfriends?  The answer is: a stressed out partner last minute shopping on February 13th when you remind them tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and the sad realization that your evening may consist of you cooking supper at home for the both of you.

I write a Valentines Gift Guide Blog each year not only to help out those struggling to find that perfect gift for their partner, but also for my husband – Who is not the romantic type and yet so perfect in every way. This guide is dedicated to you Brad.

Here’s 5 Female Friendly Gift Choices – Guaranteed to keep you out of the dog house and all under $200:

#1.  Michael Kors Activity Tracker ($115) – Let your girl look stylish while tracking her steps in fashion with this Michael Kors bracelet!

#2.  Edible Arrangement (prices range from $35-$90) – You can never go wrong with a fruit and chocolate combination.  Step outside the normal flowers this year men and give your gal an Edible Arrangement!

#3.  Hardpressed Sweater ($68) – If your girl doesn’t have a Saskatoon Proud sweater from Hardpressed yet, you’ll be sure to impress her with this gift!

Made in SK Pocket Sweater | Unisex



#4.  Hillberg & Berk Sparkle Balls ($70) – Sparkle Balls are all the craze!!!  Treat your lady to a beautiful set of these earrings.

#5.  Swell Bottle + Lululemon Duffle Bag ($45 for Swell Bottle and $158 for the Lululemon Duffle Bag) – The perfect combo for the girl who loves fitness!

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