2021 Color Trends

At the end of every year I always find myself excited for the release of the next year’s color trends! In the design world, we’ve seen a gradual shift from cooler tones to a much warmer and homier pallet. This shift has made me really excited, as I’ve always been a fan of warmer tones! The 2021 color trends are filled with creamy off-whites, buttery yellows, and deep earth tones that are sure to make your home feel tranquil. So let’s jump in and take a look friends! I can’t wait to share with you this years color scheme and how we plan to incorporate it into our own projects!

Atrium White OC-145 : A beautiful soft and creamy off-white that would be stunning as an all-over wall color in your home! We’ve seen off-whites trending over the last year and expect this trend to stick around for a long time. The days of stark whites seems to be slowly dwindling as off-whites make their move into our homes. Another great option for this color would be on your kitchen cabinetry!

Muslin OC-12 : A creamy earth-toned beige that could be used to soften a space. I imagine using this color in a bathroom or guest bedroom! This color would be stunning paired with trim or doors painted in our all-time favorite, Simply White (Benjamin Moore)!

Foggy Morning 2106-70 : This dusty rose pale pink is my favorite from this years color trends! I’m dying to use this in a little girl’s bedroom or powder room. I absolutely love how soft this color is – it’s not often that you find a pink-tone such as this that can blend well with your home’s all-over color pallet. This color pairs well with creamy whites, purples, and other earth toned colors with gray or brown undertones.

Rosy Peach 2089-20 : A bold option from the 2021 color trends pallet! Rosy Peach has both red and orange undertones. I can’t see myself using this as an all-over color in a space, but I do think that it would make a beautiful accent color or front door color option!

Beacon Hill Damask HC-2 : A bright and cheery yellow! This vibrant color would look great on your front door or simply used in a bedroom. I can imagine using this color above a wainscoting wall to add some pizazz to a space. I suggest pairing this color with navy blues, deep grays or browns, or even a beige!

Potters Clay 1221 / CC-360 : Don’t let the richness of this color scare you! This would be the perfect paint color for a mid century modern home. I suggest pairing this with creamy whites, linens, and lots of green plants in your decor!

Chestertown Buff HC-9 : A stunning buttery yellow! I could see myself using this as an all-over wall color in a guest bedroom or even a kids room! Another great spot for this color would be in an entryway that has tall ceilings and a grand entrance 🙂

Amazon Soil 2115-30 : Take note that this color has lots of purple undertones! At first glance you may think that it is a deep brown, but it defiantly has violet hues within it. I suggest using this as an accent color to bring in a deep and dramatic vibe to a room!

Gray Cashmere 2138-60 : A beautiful blue-green gray! I suggest using this color in a nursery or office. This color pairs well with other earth tones and shows more green than blue in my opinion!

Kingsport Gray HC-86 : I am absolutely in love with this color! This color just screams HOMEY to me in the best way 🙂 I anticipate using this color on cabinetry or in a master bedroom!

Aegean Teal 2136-40 : This one was named COLOR OF THE YEAR for Benjamin Moore! I’m a bit surprised that they selected such a bold color for their color of the year, but none-the-less I do think that used correctly, this color can be stunning. Aegean Teal is a combination of greens, tranquil blues, and gray undertones. This color would be an excellent choice for bedrooms or home offices!

Silhouette AF-655 : Last, but certainly not least is a deep and dramatic color option from Benjamin Moore! I’ve put a lot of thought into what space I could see myself using this color and I came to the conclusion that I think this color would be stunning used on a CEILING! If you’ve followed us over the years, you know that we aren’t afraid to add a pop of color to a ceiling. I believe that this color would pair excellent with white walls and a cool light fixture to make the color pop 🙂

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