5 Steps to Creating a Design You Love

5 Steps to Creating a Design You Love

No great design comes together over night…achieving the perfect look takes time, research and trial and error.  The most common question asked is, “where do I start?”  Making selections for your home can be overwhelming!  In a world of a million possibilities, stores are flooded with different colors, styles and trends to pick from.

To simplify the whole process, I’ve come up with 5 Steps to Creating a Design You Love:

  1. Find your inspiration – Sometimes all it takes is that one perfect piece to get your design started! Whether it’s a family heirloom, a funky pillow or some antique corbels in my case…you need a starting point.

These corbels were purchased from my favorite antique dealer, Kinder Surprises Antiques a few months back.  The chippy white paint inspired an entire black/white design in our current home build.

  1. Pick your color scheme – Neutrals remains a favorite of mine, but I love throwing in a pop of color to mix things up.  In the current design I’m working on for The Everlee, the foundation of the design is black and white.  To add some visual interest, I’m incorporating pink and green accents to soften things up.

  1. Add your personal flare – No design is complete without adding a personal touch. It’s important that your design be a reflection of you!  To add some flare to The Everlee’s design, I purchased a unique wallpaper to add to the main floor living space.

  1. Decorate like a pro – Putting everything together has always been my favorite part..whether it’s in my own home or in a clients, nothing is better than the final design all coming together! My two biggest tips for decorating are: size accordingly (make sure your decor fits appropriately with the size of the room) and group in pairs of three (grouping in odd numbers is best). 

  1. Stay on budget – Whenever you begin the renovation or re-decoration process, make a budget and commit to it!  Decide what design elements make the most impact and spend the majority of your budget on those…For example, I will spend more money on back-splash tile than I will floor tile.  A back splash can add huge WOW factor and allow you to get creative.

In The Everlee design, I am using a dramatic black and white tile for the back-splash and going with a simple flooring to compliment it.

Follow these 5 steps and you can’t go wrong!  Designing a space you love should be a fun process – Feel free to message me if you have any questions or comments 🙂

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