6 Home Renovations That Yield a High ROI

6 Home Renovations That Yield a High ROI

Your home can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make, if you treat it like an investment.  Home renovations can be a great way to add equity to your home, as well as yield a great return on investment when you choose to sell.

Most homeowners have a long list of home renovation projects to tackle.  Here’s our top 6 home reno’s we believe yield the best return on investment:

  • Replace old / small baseboards and casings

A cost effective and trendy new look is to go with tall / flat baseboards.  These give off a more “high-end” vibe than the 1980’s oak baseboards we see so often.  It’s a small, simple renovation that goes a long way.  Check out this before and after baseboard switch we completed during a design + renovate.

  • Installing or re-facing a fireplace

According to a recent survey, buyers ranked fireplaces as one of the top amenities they like most in a home.  With our cold Canadian winters, fireplaces have the ability to yield a great ROI for sellers.  In a lot of cases, all it takes to freshen up an old fireplace is some paint and a little bit of tile.  By adding a walnut shelf, new tile on the hearth and fresh paint on the outdated brick – we brought this fireplace back to life!

  • Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels can make or break a home!  What most home owners don’t realize though, is that there are a lot of cost effective ways to renovate your kitchen without breaking the bank.  It doesn’t take $40,000 to create an amazing designer kitchen.  We designed and renovated this kitchen for just $15,000!  And yes, that includes the appliances…

  • Entry door replacement

This may be one of the most cost effective upgrades you can do to your home to really make it pop!  Changing out your front door can make huge impact. The new door needs to match the overall design and feel of the home’s exterior.  Sometimes that means adding a new door with beautiful glass, or sometimes that may mean simply painting your existing one.  Below, we simply replaced and painted the old dented one and it made such a difference!

  • Updated bathroom

This one is another room that can make it or break it for buyers.  Buyers will  always pay more for an updated bathroom!  By simply swapping out a plastic surround for a tiled surround can give off that “design oasis” that ladies look for in a bathroom.  Creating a fresh place that feels clean and shiny makes the bathroom feel welcoming.  And another quick tip, go spend $200 on a fancy looking mirror and it will totally complete the space!

  • Siding replacement

Whenever someone drives up to your home they will always develop a first impression.  Ensure they develop a positive one by making the exterior feel welcoming.  Vinyl siding is an inexpensive way to jack up your curb appeal for both you and your buyers.  With so many options for siding and stone on the market, it is easy to totally transform the way your exterior looks.  P.S. Check out that new front door 😉

If you are thinking about renovating your home, we would love to help you fall in love with the look and design of your space, plus add value! …there is no greater feeling than feeling proud to show off the space you call home!  To set up a Home Design Consultation please contact Kaitlyn Blair from the Spruce Design Team by email at kaitlyn@sprucehomes.ca – or by phone at 306-360-7544.

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