Baby. Marriage. Work. Life. Our attempt at balancing it all

Baby. Marriage. Work. Life. Our attempt at balancing it all

Being an optimist has been en-grained into my head from a young age.  My mom is one of the happiest and most optimistic people you’ll ever meet, and has passed that trait down to me.  So naturally when I got pregnant, I assumed it would be a walk in the park.  Minus a few nauseous weeks during my first trimester, my pregnancy went extremely smooth.  I even kept working up until 12 hours before my scheduled c-section.

Assuming that because my pregnancy and even my c-section were such cake walks, I felt assured that newborns must be the same.  Those of you with children will chuckle at that statement, as I now do too!  The first few weeks with our sweet baby Rae was a whirlwind of emotions for me.  It was a battle of trying to figure out the baby and our new lifestyle.  No amount of classes or books can prepare you for late night feedings, spit up, babies upset stomach or even the nervousness of caring for the beautiful child you created.

Balancing it all will always be a work-in- progress, but over the last two months I have learned so much about myself, my passions and the way that Brad and I want our lives to look.  Major life events like weddings and babies put things into a whole new perspective.  Before Brad and I had Rae we had already discussed what we wanted life and our business to look like once she arrived.  We both agreed that we wanted to slow things down over the summer so we could take time to enjoy baby Rae, and have the opportunity for family and friends to come visit.

Even so, Rae has probably been on more job sites than any other newborn… she’s been held by our contractors, kitchen designers, and accountant.  She’s been fed by our real estate agent and even came to watch the demolition of a house.  I’ve gone through many moments of “mommy guilt” over the past few months for bringing her with us on so many excursions, but at the end of the day I’ve realized that it’s actually good for both her and I.  Rae is a happy and healthy baby.  She gets the joy of meeting lots of new people and tagging along with mom and dad while they do what they’re passionate about – if you ask me, that’s pretty darn cool!

Our hope is that Rae grows up to do something she is passionate about – We live in a world of amazing opportunity if you’re willing to work for it.  Our lifestyle may have changed from late nights of working and patio drinks with friends  to 1AM feedings and poopy diapers, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.  Although Rae will start daycare in the fall, we’re treasuring these last few months “balancing it all together.”  We may not have figured this whole “balancing” thing out to a tee, but we continue to work at it each and every day.  We have been blessed beyond measure, and will continue to thank God for all that he has given us.

**This blog is dedicated to both my husband, Brad and my mother-in-law, Noreen.  Brad – you wear many hats in our marriage – you’re my support system, my counselor, my business partner, and an amazing dad to our baby girl.  Noreen, you have helped out so much with Rae over the past two months.  Being so far from my family during this newborn phase has been really hard on me, but you and Kevin continue to show your love and support for me as your daughter-in-law each day, and for this I am forever grateful. 

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