Blue, Blue – Nothing but BLUE Skies

Blue, Blue – Nothing but BLUE Skies

As I write this blog, I’m posted up at Broadway Roastery – a local Saskatoon coffee shop that I’ve fallen in love with over the years…I’ve got Ella Fitzgerald (Blue Skies) blaring through my head phones and all I can think about is how much I absolutely love the color blue lol.

It’s funny how simple things like old school jazz can remind you of just how happy the color blue seems to make you lately. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I try to incorporate blue anywhere that I can. Not only is it totally in style, it’s such a great color to pair with that I feel like it can be used virtually anywhere!

I want to show you guys some of my favorite blue tones we’ve used in previous projects and give you an insight into some blue’s that we’re in the midst of using:

 Anchors Aweigh (Sherwin Williams Color) – This one is a “tried and true” in my books! I first used it in one of our new builds, The Burke and fell so totally in love with it that I brought it into my own home. It’s deep, but still vibrant – the perfect pop of colour in any space.

Evening Dove (Benjamin Moore Color) – This one is a mid tone blue – it still has some great depth to it, but isn’t as dramatic as a true navy. We used this in our Funk Nation Project and loved the vibrancy it gave the space.

Naval (Sherwin Williams Color) – The word that comes to mind when I think about this color is dramatic…GOOD dramatic that is! Lol. We previously used this in our Jungle House Project and were extremely pleased with the end result. It’s a deep navy that pairs excellent with navy design details. In this particular project, we used Naval on the front door and in the main floor bathroom. I like to be consistent when I use a bold color, so I brought the navy in through the kitchen backsplash as well.

Light Beryl (Benjamin Moore) – Although this blue tone tends to pull some green tones through it as well, I still keep it on my top 5 list! I was actually introduced to this color by a Client of ours. We recently did a custom renovation on her home and she chose this color as her accent wall color in the master bedroom. Her decor style leans toward “bohemian” so this color was absolutely perfect to fit the design!


Upcoming Blues:

Our 4th Street Project is all about the boho ocean theme that I’ve had mastered in my head for months…I wanted to bring in a softer blue than normal, something that was calming and tranquil – much like the ocean for me. I came across the color Waters Edge (Benjamin Moore Color) and knew that it would be the perfect fit. We’re in the midst of using this color right now, and I am 100% pleased with how it dries on the walls. Photos coming soon!!

We’re getting ready to break ground on a custom home in Saskatoon and myself and the Client recently completed our Design Day. She wanted to add a pop of color in the master en-suite since our tile choices were all very neutral. We looked through numerous blue options and stumbled upon Wolf Gray (Benjamin Moore Color) and knew that it was exactly what they were looking for. Wolf Gray is a blue-gray tone and has a sense of calmness to it – the perfect fit for a bathroom! Photos to come soon!!


** I’d love to see and hear what blue tones you’ve used in your own home, or if you’ve given any of my recommendations a try! Comment below :)

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