DIY Wood Bead Tassels

DIY Wood Bead Tassels

I’m “that girl” who scrolls Pinterest every night in bed, pins about 10 DIY posts that I have every intention of completing that week, and never ends up doing one of them (haha). For once, I followed through on a pin that I had my eye on for weeks, and LOVED the way it turned out. I loved it so much that I figured I’d better write a blog post about it so everyone can make one 🙂


It’s simple, cute and adds a punch of character to any item…these wood beads add the perfect BOHO touch to any room in your home! They took me about 15 minutes per strand to make and cost a whopping total of $10 each. They’re currently selling in stores and on Etsy for around $30 per strand – Definitely worth making your own at that price!

So here is what you will need to get started:

Smaller Wood Beads:

Larger Wood Beads:



1. Wrap the jute around your hand anywhere between 15-25 times (the more times you wrap it, the thicker your tassel will be).

2. Cut it off where you feel comfortable once you have it wrapped on your hand.

3. Pinch the large circle you have made towards the top and tie a knot around the circle to make the top loop of your tassel.

4. Trim the excess from your knot.

5. Cut the bottom of your circle to release all the jute that will become your tassel.

6. Cut a piece of jute to the length that you would like your wood bead strand to be.

7. Tie this tightly to the loop you created at the top of your tassel.

8. String your wood beads in whichever pattern you like – I alternated larger and smaller beads to give my strand more dimension.

9. Once you have strung all of your beads, create a second tassel using steps 1-5 and tie it to the end of the wood bead strand you just created.

10. WALLA! You’re done 🙂 Now time to decorate with it!


Here are some examples of spots I decorated my wood bead tassel with!


**Photos by the lovely Hoffman House Photography & Design

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