Next Chapter Reveal

Next Chapter Reveal

We’re SO excited to start a Renovation Series on the blog and can’t wait to share all our design inspo and secrets with you from each project…After what seemed like years of saying “sorry, but no” when people would ask us to do Client Renovations, we decided it was time to give it a whirl! Working alongside and inside someone else’s home has brought along a new set of challenges to overcome, but in-turn has been such a neat experience.

We nicknamed this project, “Next Chapter.” We did this renovation for our lovely friend, Alyson. Alyson actually attends the same church as Brad and I, and recently did a “house swap” with another couple from our church – SO COOL!  Alyson previously lived on one of the most beautiful acreages that I have ever seen… With her kids getting older and one getting married, she thought it was time to move back into the city.

Although the house was “move-in ready”, it wasn’t an accurate depiction of Alyson’s personal style and character. She is the type of lady who can make anyone laugh and is easily one of the most cultured women I have ever met – It was evident  that the current style, and cookie-cutter finishing’s needed to go!

Alyson’s Design Board (Photographed Above)

Renovation Obstacles We Had To Overcome:

•  The home had beautiful hardwood floors that matched the original kitchen cabinetry – In order to keep the design fluid and help with cost savings, Alyson chose to keep the lower cabinets and island in its original cabinetry color. This allowed the kitchen to have a bit more depth, and play off of other wood details in the home. Here’s some before and after shots from the kitchen!

• Alyson still has three kids at home who use the basement as the TV / hang out space. When she moved into the house there were bare walls surrounding the fireplace. Alyson has great decor style and her boys enjoy video games, etc….There was very limited storage and display space for these items. Adding floating shelves on both sides of the fireplace overcame both of these obstacles.  Here’s some before and after shots from the basement!

• Basement bathroom – This space also houses two teenage boys and had very limited storage space with the existing claw foot tub. No one loves a good claw foot tub more than I do, but this one had to go! By replacing the tub with a larger shower and the vanity with a more practical one, we were able to transform this space pretty quickly.  Here’s some before and after shots from the bathroom!

Alyson – Thank you for letting us come into your home and help transform your space. We were honored to work on this project for you, and we’re even more honored to have you in our lives…Here’s to the next chapter of life in your new home – may it bring memories, fellowship, and happiness 🙂

“And suddenly you know…It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.”


Wondering where we sourced some of these great design picks???!!! Alyson and I spent the day together going to all our favorite Spruce Homes Suppliers – See below:

Cabinets, handles and floating shelves – Superior Cabinets (Saskatoon)

Subway tiles – Flooring Superstore (Saskatoon)
Grout color – BLACK

Fireplace tiles – Flooring Superstore (Saskatoon) Grout color – BLACK

Kitchen & bathroom floor tile – Flooring Superstore (Saskatoon)
Grout color – GREY

Basement bathroom linoleum – Flooring Superstore (Saskatoon)

Sectional – Ordered from West Elm

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