Our Favorite Blinds & Where To FInd Them!

Our Favorite Blinds & Where To FInd Them!

Window Coverings – We all need them, but none of us want to pay for them LOL. Although they can be what seem an “expensive addition” to your home, they’re something that you should really put time and thought into, as they serve several functions in a space 🙂

#1 – They help block sunlight from spaces so you and your family can enjoy supper together, watch a show on Netflix, or simply not allow the entire street to see what you’re doing at night! 

#2 – They add an element of design! There are several different types of blinds (which I will discuss below)! You can incorporate different textures, patterns, and colors into your spaces by picking the right window coverings!
Below is a breakdown of our three most commonly used types of blinds, as well as what we love about each of them! Although these are not the only types of blinds on the market, these are the ones we find to be the best bang for our client’s buck!

Cellular Blinds – These are definitely among the most popular on the market these days. They come in a TON of different color options, and have a function where they can be adjusted from both the top AND the bottom, allowing you to choose where you want your sunlight to enter the home. 

Cellular blinds come in both standard and black-out option. If you’re someone who likes complete darkness when you sleep, black-out would be the perfect option for you! You can see in the photo below the difference between the materials used for standard verses black-out…Always note that black-out is an upgrade from the standard material. 

What we love about cellulars – They’re simple and cost effective! We love having the option to let light in from both the top and bottom, and think that they’re a classy addition to any window! Our favorite spot to source these – Flooring Superstore Saskatoon.

Roman Shades – These are my current obsession! Holy cow, are these stunning in a space! Slightly more expensive than the cellular blinds, but worth every penny is my opinion! 

These you can find in different patterns and product materials, which I love! You can get something with a beautiful stripe or throw in a grass cloth material to add an earthy element to your space! Our favorite spots to source these blinds from is Flooring Superstore Saskatoon as well as on Etsy, our favorite is Aspect Creative Agency from Toronto, Ontario.

Rollers – A modern twist on window coverings! You can dress these up or dress them down like photoed below for a more industrial vibe. The beauty of roller blinds is that they come in just as many, if not more different textures and materials than roman blinds. They’re extremely easy to operate and slightly cheaper than a roman blind in most cases. 

You can choose to add a valence to dress these blinds up, or leave them bare like we did in the photo above if you have more of a “loft vibe” style in your home. The roller blinds photographed below allow light to come into your space and for you to see outwards, without allowing those outside to see in your home – a win win in our opinion!

Favorite spot to source roller blinds – Flooring Super Store Saskatoon

**Whether you’re looking for something more traditional or something a bit more fun, take your time and think through what makes the most sense in your home for not only functionality purposes, but design wise as well 🙂 Blinds are typically a 2-3 week wait upon ordering! Comment below if you have any questions…



**Photos by Hoffman House Photography & Design and Scott Prokop Photography

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