Our Fall DIY Home Tour

Our Fall DIY Home Tour

Pumpkin, spice, and everything nice…Oh wait, We got snow last week LOL!  Oh well, I’m still pretending it’s the first week of Fall.  I’ve been so excited to share with you guys our FALL HOME TOUR.  I’ve always been a lover of this season because it’s “typically” the most perfect weather, beautiful colors, and time spent with family and friends after a busy Summer.  Although those “perfect” temperatures may have skipped over us, we can still enjoy everything else that this wonderful season has to offer!

I really wanted our Fall decor to be cute and simple this year…I’ve got BIG plans for Christmas decorating so I wanted to stay on a more minimal budget for the Fall season.  I tried out some DIY pieces and love how they turned out!

The first DIY project I took on was our front door wreath.  I’ve been loving the antique bread baskets that Joanna Gaines often uses on her show, Fixer Upper.  While browsing around Michaels last week I spotted them and snagged one before they were all gone!  The basket was made to hold photos (it comes with photo clips), but I thought it would make a fantastic wreath instead!

Materials needed for the project:

  1. Flat basket (I got mine at Michael’s craft store)
  2. Carpenters or wood glue
  3. White spray paint
  4. Wood letter (I got mine at Michael’s craft store)
  5. Two floral stems of your choice (I got mine at Michael’s craft store)
  6. Wreath Hanger

Step #1 – I spray painted my “B” letter and let it dry overnight

Step #2 – Take your carpenters or wood glue and apply on the back side of your letter.  Place your letter center of the basket and press down (allow time for glue to bond before picking up wreath)

Step #3 – Take both floral stems and bend them around the basket.  Use the clips provided on the basket to secure them in place.  By not gluing them down, this allows you to change out the florals for each season 🙂 **If your basket does not have clips, simply add them with hot glue.

Step #4 – Allow time for your arrangement to settle before hanging on the front door 🙂


Dining room table – I really wanted this to be a focal point when we host our Friendsgiving.  It was important for me that much like the wreath, the decor was easy to swap out with the seasons.  I found the wire basket at Home Outfitters in Saskatoon and stuffed it with 3 white pumpkins I picked up at the grocery store.  To add a little more texture, I took 3 floral stems of cotton balls (purchased at Michael’s craft store) and bent them around the pumpkins.  I REALLY love these cotton balls because they’re great for Fall AND Christmas.  When the Christmas season rolls around, I’ll simply swap out the pumpkins for ornaments and WOLA!

Believe it or not, the plaid runner is actually a blanket scarf that I wear LOL!  I scrunched it around and it became the most unique focal point that I get so many compliments on…If I want to wear it, I just grab it from beneath my basket and I’m on my way.  The placemats were also a Home Outfitters purchase and the plates and silverware I already owned.  Mason jars are the only thing (other than a wine glass) that we drink out of at our house so I had to make them part of the decor.  So quick and easy…what do you think?!?

Comment below what your favorite fall decor is….looking for more DIY inspiration???  Click the link below to check out my Design Tip video to create a larger Fall centerpiece for your front porch.

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