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The Cratty Reveal

Whenever I scroll through the before and after photos of this project, I can’t help but smile ear to ear.  Not only were our clients, Terry and Renee such a pleasure to get to know, but the transformation of this space in less than THREE months still blows my mind!
Having client’s that are open to layout and design suggestions makes our job so much fun!  The Cratty’s house was built sometime in the 80’s and hadn’t had a “real sprucing up” since its original build.
First thing was first…there was WAY too much white tile in the entire main floor!  As a family of five, the Cratty’s desired something much cozier and functional.  We ripped out the original tile and replaced it with an amazing laminate made to look like a weathered barn wood.
Renee really loved a white kitchen and I had absolutely no objections to that LOL!  White is so classic 🙂 We threw in some visual interest and contrast with a grey island and book shelf, along with some wood floating shelves.
The original second living room had a sunken floor and chopped up the space too much.  Our Team built the floor up, ripped out the dividing wall, and transformed that space into a family dining area.
We added extra storage with a built-in bench seat and brought color into the neutral kitchen with decor pieces.  Renee and I spent an afternoon shopping and putting the space back together (secretly this is my favorite part of the renovation!).  I have to admit, we got a lot of decor pieces for great prices at Home Sense.
As a company, we’re always looking for unique ways to go the extra mile…We feel so strongly about it that it’s actually one of our Core Values.  It can be easy for some people to throw together a renovation design, but the real magic happens when you give the space your own personal touch.  It’s the family photos, pops of color, and lots of throw pillows 😉 that really define your home!
We were honored to take on this renovation for you Terry and Renee.  Thank you for welcoming us into your home this summer!

Design selections linked below…
  • Kitchen cupboards: Superior Cabinets (Saskatoon)
  • Main cabinet color – Prosecco
  • Island and bookshelf color – Granville
  • Floating shelves – Leduc
  • Countertop – (Quartz) Ocean Foam
  • Accent wall color – Dolphin (Benjamin Moore)
  • Main wall color – Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore)
  • Barn wood laminate – Purchased from Flooring Superstore
  • Textured white subway back splash – Purchased from Flooring Superstore