The Jungle House

The Jungle House

Another flip is officially in the books and we can’t wait to reveal the finished product!  We’re calling this one the Jungle House because when we initially bought this home, the backyard looked like something out of a horror movie.   Most people would have walked away or even torn this house down, but Brad and I love taking risks.  The bigger the risk, the bigger return…right?  That’s what we’re banking on anyways 🙂

Built in 1912, this house needed lots of love.  To make the house structurally sound we tore off the front and back porches, as well as rebuilt an entirely new wood foundation in the basement to give the existing concrete foundation more durability.

Seeing that this house is in the trendy neighborhood of Riversdale – adding color was a must!  The entire design inspiration came from a mid modern vintage pillow I had bought months back.  I wanted to create an earthy and relaxing feel in this space.  I focused on oranges, blues and pops of yellow (specific color names listed at bottom).  I was able to source almost all of the decor from local Riversdale businesses or artisans that I found through Etsy.  Shopping local and handmade is so rewarding to me!

One challenge we were met with was creating function and style in a home with such a small footprint.  At the end of the day – even if your design turns out spot on, buyers will pass on your house if it lacks the storage and functionality their family needs.  By converting a closet on the main floor into a bathroom, we were able to make this home a 2 bath rather than just a single bath home…A huge PLUS for buyers!

With construction starting July 1st and now wrapping up in mid September, we were able to totally transform this house in less than 3 months.  A huge thanks to our crew for their long hours and amazing attention to detail.  As well – A shout out to Superior Cabinets for always coming through with killer kitchen cabinets and to Magnolia Homes for creating a beautiful wallpaper line that I was able to utilize in this space.  Dani’s Vintage Designs restored and painted the most perfect record stand to tie the entire design together, and I can’t brag enough about the amazing work she does.

We’re holding a BBQ / Open house on September 23rd to fundraise for the Friendship Inn, a Riversdale organization that provides hot meals and school lunches to families in need – no questions asked.  We will be serving homemade Blair’s Premium Angus Beef burgers, chips and pop ($5 for all three).  All proceeds will go directly to the Friendship Inn….So stop by, grab a burger and tour through another one-of- a kind Spruce designed home 🙂

**Special thank you to my mom for all of her help during the most hectic week of the entire flip.  Rae and I are so lucky to have you <3

Front Door & Main Floor Bath – Naval (HGTV / Sherwin Williams)

Record Player Stand – Autumn Cover (Benjamin Moore) Painted by the VERY talented Dani’s Vintage Designs

Upstairs Bath – Tidewater (HGTV / Sherwin Williams)

Photo credit: Hoffman House Photography & Design  and Darioso Photography

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