Toddler Holiday Gift Guide

What to get the kid who has everything?!?! I feel like this is literally my struggle each and every year LOL! I find it challenging to create a balance between getting our children, nieces, nephews, etc things we know they will love BUT also things we believe they need. I spent a lot of time thinking about different gifts this year for the toddler in your life that can be playful, interactive and even meaningful. Lots of these items are some of our own household favorites, and I hope you enjoy them as much as we have! To shop the items, simply click on the photos below!

#1 Personalized Picture Puzzle (SHUTTERFLY) – For the child in your life that LOVES puzzles, this is such a unique gift! By logging into Shutterfly you can create a puzzle out of your very own photo…a keepsake they’ll enjoy for years to come! Available in a multitude of sizes, you can purchase smaller puzzles or even larger ones for older kiddos on your Christmas list.

#2 Kids Shopping Cart (LOCAL STORE) – I splurged on our daughter this year and ordered this one! After shopping around at all the different shopping cart options, the Melissa and Doug cart was most definitely the winner! Compared to competitors who make a plastic cart, this one will stand the test of time and will be a great gift to hand down to future children or even friend’s kids. This is a great gift if your child loves playing market or already has a play kitchen set at home!

#3 Paw Patrol Figurines (AMAZON FIND) – This was hands down the cheapest toy I bought our daughter for Christmas this year and I can almost guarantee it will be her favorite LOL! These tiny Paw Patrol figurines are great for interactive play and include a lot of the characters that we haven’t been able to find anywhere else!

#4 Barbie Dream House (AMAZON FIND) – My husband and I joke that this barbie house has paid us in dividends LOL. Our daughter will spend hours sitting or standing at it and making her barbies interact with each other. Roughly 3ft tall and complete with a pool that actually holds water, this toy will be something they use for years to come! Be prepared this one does take up a decent amount of space in your home!

#5 Dance Bag (AMAZON FIND) – For all the tiny dancers in your life!!! This adorable dance bag is super functional with its bottom zipper pocket to hold dance shoes. Inside the bag you’ll find more pockets to hold your water bottle and any other necessities we need to send with our littles ones!

#6 Ikea Train Set – An amazing price for a great quality train set! I love this toy because it makes kids think…watch as they figure out how to piece the different tracks together and then place the bridges and decor in unique spots. This is another great gift for the child that loves to stay busy and playing at all times! Because Ikea shipping has been slower than usual lately, make sure to order this one right away!

#7 Kinetic Sand (LOCAL STORE) – A great alternative for the child that is bored of playing with Play-Doh. Kinetic Sand has a long lifespan and even comes in this great container to keep it from spilling everywhere. Watch as your child builds sand castles, places their toys in the sand to play games and so much more! A great gift for a child who doesn’t mind getting their hands messy or loves building things!

#8 Paw Patrol Themed Vehicles (LOCAL STORE) – Paw Patrol has truly taken our world by storm! These action figures and vehicles will keep kiddos occupied for hours as they recreate different Paw Patrol adventures they’ve seen on TV. A great size for the child who doesn’t have a ton of room for more toys!

#9 Play-Doh Kitchen Creations (LOCAL STORE) – Time to get creative in the kitchen, but this time with Play-Doh! If you have a child who loves to help in the kitchen, this is a great gift idea! Watch as kids create their own meals made out of Play-Doh and serve them to you. We purchased this for our daughter and look forward to eating her “handmade goodies” LOL.

#10 Pet Veterinarian Kit (LOCAL STORE) – This is a must-have toy for children who love interactive play! The Melissa and Doug veterinarian set comes complete with two animals and all the tools necessary to make them well again. Watch as your child plays doctor and I promise it will bring a smile to your face!

#11 Beauty Set (LOCAL STORE) – Another Melissa and Doug treasure, this beauty set is SO well made! All of the items are realistic and made of solid wood. Children can pretend to put makeup on without the mess and style their hair all at the same time. This has been a favorite toy of our daughters since she received it last Christmas!

#12 Ikea Play Kitchen – I cannot say enough good things about the Ikea play kitchen! This play-set is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is ultra functional! Lots of inside storage for all the pretend food (also available on Ikea’s website) as well as light-up buttons on the stove to make cooking that much more real! This one will take some time to assemble so prepare yourself when the box arrives!

#13 Recordable Story book – Our daughter was gifted one of these books from her Papa in the USA last Christmas and it is one of my all-time favorite items she has ever received. Because we live so far apart, having a book with her Papa’s voice reading to her on it is a great reminder of him and just how much we love and miss him!

Happy shopping friends!



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