What to Expect When Building a Custom Home

While building a custom home is extremely personal and super exciting, sometimes we all forget about the potential for bumps along the road.  Unfortunately, the reality is that there is a chance something will go array and not everything will go perfectly.  Remember – construction is not perfect, sometimes things just happen.  Sometimes these “things” simply cause delays, sometimes they can cost money, and other times they can compromise design.  In the end, almost all problems are solvable with a little patience and an open mind.  If you are building a custom home in Saskatoon, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start to make sure the process is stress free and enjoyable. Check out the video below for what to expect when building a custom home.

Houses are Hand Made

One saying that I stole from the Build Podcast is that when you’re a custom home builder, you’re essentially building a new prototype with each home you build.  None are the same and each one is hand crafted – not manufactured.  And that’s something to keep in mind – houses are built by hand, not machines.  There are a lot of people involved throughout the process and there is always some form of human error involved.  Human error can include installation imperfections, scheduling changes, communication mishaps, etc.  The responsibility of the home builder is to eliminate, mitigate and rectify as many of these errors as possible, but it’s important to understand that on any project, something will likely arise at some point in time.  When that happens, don’t panic.  With a solid relationship, these are often relatively easy to navigate and problems always get solved.   

Things Happen That Are Out of Your Control

Something my dad tried beating into me growing up was – “You can only control what you can control!”  That goes for everyone.  As home builders, sometimes we like to be control freaks but sometimes we simply can’t control everything.  Over the past few years, we have been forced to learn this the hard way.  Material shortages, shipping delays, labour supply, government regulations, weather, etc. – these are all factors that are out of everyone’s control that can affect your build.  It’s important to be patient and understanding.  Build them into your “mental contingency” so that when they come up you aren’t surprised and disappointed.  If you are prepared for them, they won’t affect your psyche when they happen and if they don’t happen it will make the process even more enjoyable!  Your home builder should be doing everything they can to mitigate these risks and foresee them if they can but ultimately, sometimes things just happen. 

Podcast Episode: Construction Isn’t Perfect, Things Happen!

Work as a Team

The best way I can describe navigating these turbulent waters is to see yourself, your home builder and all the sub-trades and suppliers as one big team.  You are all a team trying to accomplish one goal of building your home to the best quality possible, for the fairest price possible, in the best time possible.  You are not all single individuals working towards your own goals.  When that happens, that’s when divide occurs.  The idea is to work as partners.  To expect the unexpected and to work together to find the best solution possible if something unexpected does come up.  If that is the mind frame you come into your project with, I can promise you that it will be less stressful and much more enjoyable in the end. 

Building a Custom Home


Like I mentioned at the top, building a custom home is super exciting, but it doesn’t come without a couple bumps along the way.  By working with a Saskatoon home builder that you trust and understanding everyone’s point of view, there is always a solution that can be found.  In the end, the goal is to build you the best house possible in a reasonable amount of time.  You’re going to be living there for a big chunk of your life, so the best thing thing to do is to take your time and do everything the right way so that you come out with the best possible product.  Hopefully you can walk away from this blog with a better understanding of what to expect when building a custom home!

That being said, if you are interested in sitting down and talking more about building your custom home and learning how we mitigate these construction risks, simply contact us and we would love to schedule a time to sit down and discuss more!

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