Ep. 13 - Where to Save & Where to Splurge

When you’re building or renovating there are countless places to spend your money. There are always compromises to be made and the decision is different for everyone, but today we talk about where we would splurge and where we would save. Your family dynamic always plays a big role but we give you some things to think about before you start your big project!

Ep. 12 - Buy, Build or Renovate?

The decision to buy, build or renovate is always a tricky question, but in a hot market it can be even tougher. Today, Brad is joined by Dustin Sikler and Heather Fritz to discuss how to navigate that decision. Whether you are looking to add space to your existing home or build new from scratch, the three of them discuss how to get to a decision you can be confident in by being patient, doing your research and seeking advice.

Ep. 11 - How to Interview a Builder

For anyone about to start a construction project, this one is for you! In episode 11, Brad breaks down how he would interview a builder if he was in a client's shoes. Seeing things from both sides of the table and considering his experience over the past 6 years he lays out questions he would ask, topics he would discuss and how to get to the most important thing – Trust!

Ep. 10 - Breaking into the Design World

Wanna know something cool? You DON’T necessarily go to school just to get into a new career. Both Spruce Homes designers broke into their design careers with no schooling.

Ep. 9 - That State of the Construction Market

Why are prices so high!?!?! This is a question I get asked and think about almost weekly nowadays. There are a ton of complexities to this question and the answers are ever-changing. In this episode, Faith Atteberry sits down with us to discuss some of the overarching reasons prices got to where they are, and helps give some insight into what will need to happen for prices to settle and other challenges that our current market has created.

Ep. 8 - Our Story Pt. 2

Growing a business is hard work. It’s a lot of heavy lifting and learning on the fly. We have been no different. On today’s episode, Brad & Kaitlyn talk about where Spruce Homes started, where they are today and how they got from A to B. They share a couple of stories and discuss lessons learned through their time in business so far. If you are looking for “the scoop”, give this episode a listen!

Ep. 7 - Our Story Pt. 1

It’s interesting when you look back on how the way you grew up impacts how you function as an adult. In this episode, Brad and Kaitlyn talk through how their childhoods moulded them into who they are today and the unique path that brought them to be self-employed. If you are interested in learning the people behind the people, this episode will be right up your alley!

Ep. 6 - All Things Flooring Ft. Flooring Superstore

Building, renovating or simply replacing your flooring? Give this episode a listen! Together, Brad and Ryan Ketchum from Flooring Superstore talk about all things flooring. Ryan gives insights into how to spot quality products, discusses the impact freight has had on timelines and pricing, helps us understand how flooring and lifestyle mesh, and much more. Listen to this episode before you go select your flooring and it will gear you for what to look for and questions to ask!

Ep. 5 - The Last 3 Weeks of Your Build

What are the most important parts of your build? Of course, they’re all important, but we would argue the beginning (structural) and the end (finishing). The importance of the last three weeks is often overlooked. It’s when everything comes together, when everything gets touched up, and when everything gets made “just right”. There is always more to that finishing stage than you think and in this episode, Brad is joined by Spruce Homes’ carpenter Scott Muller to discuss why the last stage of your build should NOT be rushed!

Ep. 4 - How We Use Technology to Be Better

We’re in the 21st century and technology is here to stay! Like other industries, we are now able to leverage technology to help build a better house all while creating a better experience for you, the client. In this episode, Brad is joined by our Project Manager, Adam to discuss how we use technology to be better. From scheduling to logs to change orders, they all help to make the process more seamless. If you’re curious about the behind-the-scenes organization that happens in construction and get an understanding of how it helps bring a better experience to you, make sure to listen!
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